Best Picnic Tables for your Garden

Your garden is completely neat, and finely finished. It has a minimal look, or a heavy boho look, depending on your preference. Even the plants are fully nurtured and the overall look exudes a flourishing attraction. However, you still think something is missing. That one thing which could make the lawn look complete. An accessory! That’s what the garden requires in order to come out as a complete part of the house in all, which will accommodate not only a purpose for the family to hang around, but also guests. An accessory will not only fulfil the void in the lawn, regardless of the size, but also maintain an element of quirk, or a minimalistic and classy feel, depending on your choice.

One such accessory which you can consider adding to you garden is a picnic table, for the convenience of sitting and hanging out in case of a sunny weather, or a cloudy evening. Not only will it add a particularly attractive look to it, but also make the garden visually enhancing. For the same purpose, you can have a look at some of top selling picnic tables for your garden.

Best Picnic Tables for your Garden

1. Hopkins Basics Picnic Table Kit

A table, even if casual, is required to be first and foremost, sturdy and durable. The Hopkins Basics Picnic Table contains features which qualifies the table to fit in a fine quality category, equipped with extra elements too. The table is also completely weather-resistant, and made of fine quality wook to withstand any major hard damages or external impacts. Not only is it long enough to accommodate a small family, but also serves the purpose of any garden party or a Sunday brunch.


Features Included-

  • Comes with benches and a separate table to be assembled in an easy and quick way.
  •  The table is durable against any weather condition or minor external major mishaps.
  •  Carries the ability to be completely customised with the help of paints, and other decorating materials.
  •  A 2 year warranty is included in the kit.Specifications-

Dimensions: 8 x 30 x 32 Inch.
Weight: 10 Pounds

2. W-Frame Picnic Table

Structured for both an indoor and outdoor use, the W-Frame Picnic Table is designed specifically for the user convenience and the enhancement of the garden. Apart from it’s easy and quick cleaning abilities, it is completely stain-resistant, as well as comes with a coverage of UV protection for the long lifetime of the table. In order to provide a supreme level of durability, the table is made up of double coating of High Density Polythene too.


Features included-

  • Comes with a convenient accommodation of simple portability, as well as folding features.
  •  Structures in a way to fit around 6 to 8 people easily.
  •  No risk of chipping or rusting, due to high weather resistance.
  •  Carries a superior level of endurance against external damages.
  •  Easy storage, taking down and portability options due to equipped features of folding.


Dimensions:72 x 57 x 29 Inch.
Weight: 85 Pounds.

3. Best Choice Picnic Table Set

A natural and organic garden requires a natural looking table, which complements the look of the lawn. The Best Choice Picnic Table is indeed the best choice for the enhancement of your garden. Sturdy and made up of a tough material with hard quality wood, the table is structured to accommodate about 6 people easily. The table also contains an umbrella hole in the centre in order to provide weather convenience in the outdoors too.


Features Included-

  •  With a stylish look, the table is made of natural wood material.
  •  Not only does it contain 3 equivalent sized benches, but are also extremely durable in nature too.
  •  A convenient umbrella hole is constructed right in the middle of the table for weather resistance.
  •  The table and the kit is made of hard and comfortable seating material for barbeque parties as well as mini parties.
  • The double coating material over the table is responsible for the UV protection of the surface of the table too.


Dimensions:35 x 35 x 27 Inch.
Weight: 57 Pounds.

4. Lifetime Round Table

The superior level toughness and material of the Lifetime Round Table makes it one of the best buys in terms of picnic tables as well as to the purpose of adding an accessory to the garden. Accommodating around 6 people easily. the table is completely stain resistant and comes with hard case durability and a smooth surface for user convenience and a great experience for a small event in the garden. Not only are the seats flexible to turn and face outwards as per the user, but are also extremely sturdy and long lasting.


Features included-

  • The table comes with a great material coating to avoid stains and any external damage.
  •  In addition, it easily accommodates 6 people with an underlying capacity.
  •  The high density polyethylene material coating makes the table even more strong in order to resist extreme drops or sudden mishaps.
  •  The benches come with a flexible level of rotation and customisable user convenience in case of movement.
  •  Easy portability from one end to the other without much hassle.


Dimensions: 29 x 72 x 44 Inch.
Color: Almond

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